On camera
On location
Scene study (often written specifically for actors by Mr. Gulager)
Film exercises (matching, hitting marks, more)


Each actor is given a scene, often written specifically for actors by Mr. Gulager, and a partner. They are expected to rehearse during the week before the workshop at least three times.


The Friday class begins with a lecture from Clu about acting and/or film-making, Stanislavski, Grand Guignol, the intangible capacity and priority of the artist to “delight and surprise”. A video prepared by John will be played to highlight a specific aspect of film acting. For example: silence.


The rest of the first evening is dedicated to the prepared scenes. Presenting them to the class and to Mr. Gulager. He helps students become aware of what makes a scene “camera ready”. “Camera ready” scenes are shot focusing alternately on each actor. All the actors are expected to watch Mr. Gulager work with the other actors. That is part of the class. After all the scenes are filmed, the scenes are projected to be viewed and critiqued by Mr. Gulager.


The next two days are dedicated to shooting and critiquing scenes and exercises. The class shoots in different locations, e.g., a downtown train station, a parking garage, a car (for driving scenes) a home, a restaurant (for eating, matching scenes), a bridge, a supermarket. Each class has different locations (due to availability).


All scenes and exercises are filmed, miked and played back.


An actor coming into the workshop should expect set aside his/her whole weekend. This is an intensive version of Clu Gulager's Film Acting Workshop 8 week session. Footage from the 8 week workshop can be seen in the promo.


If your interested in the workshop, drop us a line at acting and we'll set up an interview.


Next workshops:


Friday, May 8, 2015 - Sunday, March 10, 2015

Friday - 7:30PM - 12`:00AM

Saturday - 1:00PM - 12:00AM

Sunday - 1:00PM - 8:00PM



Interview and a Non-Refundable Deposit of $100 required, CLASS SIZE LIMITED!

3 Day Workshop Tuition: Los Angeles



additional $50 to take your footage (you provide a USB hard drive)

3 Day Footage $50.00 USD




Clu Gulager, 50 year film and television acting veteran (FEAST, THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, THE KILLERS, THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE VIRGINIAN) and director (A DAY WITH THE BOYS, JOHN and NORMA NOVAK a rock opera, and FUCKING TULSA) The American Cinemateque honored Mr. Gulager with a screening of his shorts and film pieces at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on January 27th, 2010.  Hollywood Outlaws Read a review.
PSYCHOTRONIC Magazine article about Clu Gulager

RYAN MCGINLEY's "MY TOP 10 ART FILMS" picked Clu Gulager's A DAY WITH THE BOYS (1968) for VICE magazine.


Director/Cinematographer John Gulager (FEAST Trilogy, PIRANHA 3DD, PROJECT GREENLIGHT)

Sound, assistant acting coach and student liaison:

Actress Diane Ayala Goldner (FEAST Trilogy, THE COLLECTOR, Rob Zombie’s H2, THE SHIELD, HATCHET 3)



In the mid 1960's after working in live television, guest starring on such series as ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS and while still in the midst of starring in his first series THE TALL MAN Clu Gulager began teaching his "Film Acting Workshop". Mr. Gulager had trained with the highly respected Mr. Paul Baker and studied in Paris with Jean-Louis Barrault (CHILDREN OF PARADISE), yet found himself unprepared for the challenges unique to working professionally in front of the camera. Hitting your marks, finding your light, repeating the same section of a scene over and over again, eating 10 hot dogs, shooting out of sequence, a noisy grumbling joking crew, almost no rehearsal, being miked and magnified by the eye of the camera was all part of a new language. The "Film Acting Workshop" was started to address these challenges as well as to share the avarice Mr. Gulager feels for the art of film making.