Clu Gulager 

Clu starred in The Killers with Lee Marvin, now available from The Criterion Collection as a two DVD set. Also on the DVD is an interview with Clu (shot by John and Tom).

"Getting Clu to hit Angie Dickinson was the toughest thing about this shoot."- Don Siegel

Clu's film directing debut short, A Day with the Boys, opened the 1970 Cannes Film Festival as an example of "state of the art" filmmaking.

A Day with the Boys is on the George Washington DVD from The Criterion Collection.

Clu has starred in 5 series on American TV:

A few of the movies Clu has been in are:

A couple of shots from The Last PictureShow
Clu teaches Cybill Shepherd the ins and outs of pool (originally this part of the scene was cut out, but recently it was restored for a theatrical re-release and laser disk edition).
Clu killed lots o' zombies in The Return of the Living Dead.*

* Based on a true story.